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Rare and important calligraphic panel,

signed by the Timurid Vizier Abdallah al-Marwarid.

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Timurid Persia, 1497

Abdallah al-Marwarid (d. 1516) was a Timurid court official, poet, scribe, and musician. His father, Muhammad Marwarid, moved to Herat from Kerman during the reign of Abu Said (855-73 1451-69) where he became vizier. Subsequently he took over the same position for Husayn Bayqara until retirement, during which he became custodian of the shrine of Abdallah Ansari. Abdallah was also a close associate of Husayn Bayqara and served him in various capacities; in 1470 Abdallah was appointed 'sadr', and later became keeper of the royal seal and placed in charge of royal correspondence. Later in life and after a few years in retirement, Abdallah returned to Husayn Bayqara's service with the rank of amir.

A rare and important piece of calligraphy by the Timurid vizier Abdallah al-Marwarid. It demonstrates Abdallah's Marwarid's mastery in thuluth, naskh and riqa'scripts. A comparable calligraphy signed by Abdallah al-Marwarid, dated 921 AH 1515AD, is published

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Illuminated manuscript on paper, mounted on thick card, in Arabic, 185 by 285 and written space 140 by 232 mm.; single panel containing two lines of naskh, riqa and thuluth scripts, each of these in two lines, text in clouds set against gold and blue arabesque designs featuring gilt polychrome decorations (probably added in the seventeenth century), and framed within multiple rulings of decorated banners heightened with gilt designs (probably Qajar additions); some small areas of early staining else bright and very attractive condition; framed and glazed.


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