Good Icons installed at 106 New Bond Street

Shapero Rare Books and Shapero Modern are proud to unveil an online exhibition of works by the renowned contemporary portrait artist Lorna May Wadsworth, the artist in residence for the Amazon Prime series Good Omens.

The exhibition, originally installed in both the Bookshop and our Gallery, features portraits of the iconic author Neil Gaiman, as well as works inspired by the adaptation of both his and Terry Pratchett’s book, Good Omens.

From a life-size rendering of the author’s head suspended in layers of sun-bleached wax, crafted upon a piece of prehistoric bog oak, to portraits of the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, the exhibition is a must for art and book lovers alike.

The exhibition also features a limited edition print signed by Gaiman and Wadsworth, alongside a signed illustrated 125 page retrospective catalogue. Get in touch to order either.

'Big Neil' installed at Shapero Modern
Neil Gaiman's signature beneath the hand gilded title on the limited edition print.
Good Icons installed at 106 New Bond Street.
Study for the Bog Oak Book.
Signed Lorna May Wadsworth Retrospective Catalogue.
Artworks on the shelves at 106 New Bond Street