Most staple foods are never given the chance to shine, humbly carrying on, 94413_3being consumed at invariably gargantuan levels on a daily basis. Recently, however, one has slipped into stardom for .

Bread is one of our most-eaten foods, with around 12 million loaves being sold in the UK every day. To inspire home baking is a 1903 first edition book previously described as 'an iconic culinary bible of artisan bread': The Book of Bread by Owen Simmons.

The photographic guide is a handsomely illustrated monograph on the manufacture of bread, previously owned by a bakery manager from Leicestershire. "The nineteenth-century photobook was primarily an archive in which the things of the world were stored and catalogued. Here, at the beginning of the twentieth century, one of the humblest, yet most essential of objects is catalogued as precisely, rigorously, and objectively as any work by a 1980s Conceptual artist".