Anti-war posters used on merchandise for the Records & Rebels 1966-70 exhibition

A range of anti-war posters acquired by Shapero Rare Books from the private collection of the late publisher Felix Dennis have been licensed to the V&A.

The protest posters have been used on merchandise including Christmas cards and t-shirts for the You Say You Want a Revolution?: Records & Rebels 1966-70 exhibition.

The exhibition – which opened at the museum in September and runs until February 26, 2017 – explores the counter culture revolutions of the late 1960s, along with the music, fashion and political angst that defined the era. Images bought from the Felix Dennis Estate were licensed to V&A for gift products including Peace Now, an image of a dove originally silkscreened onto discarded computer paper.


America in Revolt: The Art of Protest, an exhibition at Shapero Modern in London was curated by the historian Barry Miles earlier this year.

Barry commented: “These posters were not designed as art, but for a specific political purpose, and yet they inevitably fit into the history of graphic art, borrowing heavily from the Atelier Populaire posters of the student uprising in Paris of May 1968 and the counter-cultural posters of the period.

“They are a frozen snapshot of American graphic design at the end of the 60s, as well as a unique sociological record of a society in crisis.”

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