Incredible photos from over 100 years ago show how much our lives have changed. It is interesting that spectacular advancements have been made in technology, science and architecture but many of our landmarks remain the same, despite the infringing traffic. All vintage photography featured is available to buy on our website.

Roman Forum then - c.1870

[ITALY – ANDERSON, James]. The Roman Forum, Rome. [c.1870]. £325

Roman Forum present day

Royal Exchange, London then - c.1890s

LONDON].Bank of England Museum building. [c.1890s].£125

Royal Exchange, London present day


Wailing Wall, Jerusalem then - c.1880

BONFILS, Felix. The Wailing Wall. c.1880. £450

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem now

Cities changed beyond recognition

In contrast some of our cities have changed beyond recognition. Take a step back in time.

Chicago then - c.1880

State street, Chicago. 1880. £225

Chicago present day

Hong Kong then, c.1880

CHINA –Street views in Hong Kong, c.1880. £2,500

Hong Kong present day


Moscow then, c.1880

Moscow Panorama. c.1880. £3,500

Moscow present day