A Summer Miscellany – August 2017

Our latest catalogue, Wealth of Many Nations (a derivation on the title of Adam Smith’s milestone work, number 116), is a compilation of titles and subjects to appeal to all tastes and pockets.  It represents a ‘taster’ of the vast collection we offer in the bookshop and on our website, including gems from our growing English Literature department.

Download pdf of catalogue

Latest Arrivals to the Literature Department

  • TOLSTOY, Leo.


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  • ADAMS, Richard.

    Watership Down.

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  • DULAC, Edmund; Leonard Rosenthal.

    The Kingdom of the Pearl.

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  • CHARRIÉRE, Henri.


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  • WOOLF, Virginia.

    A Room of One's Own.

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  • POWELL, Anthony.

    Agents and Patients.

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  • MCEWAN, Ian.

    Or shall we die?

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  • DICKENS, Charles.

    The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club.

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