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Impressive panel of Nasta'liq calligraphy,

signed by Sajad Haghjuoy.

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Iran, 2018

Iran is currently home to a small school of artists and calligraphers that are dedicated to the production of art in the traditional Persian styles of manuscript illumination and calligraphy, executed to an exceptionally high standard and these artists are fast establishing themselves as modern masters of this craft.

This particular example is by Sajad Haghjuoy (b. 1986), an industrial designer by trade, whose mastery of the Safavid style of nasta'liq calligraphy won him an award from IRCICA (Research Centre For Islamic History, Art and Culture) in 2015. Haghjuoy is a student of the modern calligraphic master Mohammad Shahbazi, who works in the same circle as fellow modern masters Abbas Akhvin and Mohammad Reza Pajand.



Illuminated manuscript on paper, in Arabic, containing the first 7 aya of the first surah of the Qur'an (al-Fatihah 1:1 - 1:7), 490 by 380 mm.; single column, 5 lines large scribal nasta'liq diagonally inscribed, outlined in cloud shapes and set against an elaborately illuminated gold background decorated with intricately illustrated spiralling floral patterns with polychrome colour additions, lower right-hand corner containing the scribe's name and date of completion, panel framed within multiple polychrome and gilt rulings, including a banner formed of multiple gold cartouches in Safavid style of illumination; very clean and bright condition; leaf mounted to thick card.


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