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Collection of Watercolour Designs for Silverware.

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South Germany, 1860
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Attractive collection of unusual drawings for silverware items, most probably made by the prestigious WMF factory

World-famous Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, better known as the WMF factory, has been a tableware manufacturer since 1853. By 1900 the firm had become the world's first producer and exporter of metallic products, mainly inspired by the style of Jugendstil and Art nouveau. Their 3-letter logo has since been associated with refined silverware and premium cutlery.



A series of 9 watercolours, each framed and glazed, overall size: 440 by 633mm (17¼ by 25 inches). These charming watercolours include drawings of champagne flutes, trays, teapots, gravy boats, plates, coffee pots and sugar bowls. All the drawings use a base of various shades of black, white and grey to represent the bulk of the piece. The smaller details are vividly coloured, such as the gilt tint of the inner parts, the light blue reflection of crystal, the brown of teapot handles and the pink, green and yellow of the refined and lively motives covering one of the tea sets. Each has a caption written in German giving a description of the item, including its weight and series number. All of the pieces are adorned with beautiful motives representing flowers, curved lines, laurels and ancient patterns.


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