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FERDOWSI, Abdul Qasim.


[the Book of Kings]. Bifolium from an early manuscript copy.

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Jalayirid Persia(ý), 1390

Early example of one of the most celebrated texts in Persian culture; of great literary importance to the preservation of the Farsi language.

Abdul Qasim Ferdowsi (d. circa 1026) was a Persian poet from the Tus area of the Samanid Persian empire. The Shahnameh is a vast epic poem about historical and mythical stories of Persian kings, a narrative many believe to have been created to preserve the pre-Islamic myths and legacies of Persia's golden era for future generations. The language used by Ferdowsi is notably lacking in Arabic influence, after a sociolinguistic shift in Persia following the Arab conquest of the 7th century, and is widely accepted as being one of the founding literary texts of the Persian language today.

The text on these leaves describes an upcoming combat between Rostam (one of the main protagonists) and Isfandyar, and the gap in the text was intended for the miniaturist of the

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Decorated manuscript on thick fibrous paper, in Farsi, two conjoined leaves (forming one bifolium), each leaf 357 by 275 mm. and the written space 335 by 245 mm.; six columns, 34 lines soft black naskh script, columns ruled in red, blank panel on one page (for illustration that was never completed), outer extremities of leaves trimmed, chipped and a little stained, some repairs to extremities; one leaf mounted to card


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