Ma'aleh Beit Horin ve'hu Seder Haggadah shel Pesach.

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Ma'aleh Beit Horin ve'hu Seder Haggadah shel Pesach.
[Passover Haggadah].
Vienna, Anton Schmid, 1813.
An interesting 19th century example the Ashkenazic Passover Haggadah, with commentary by Alsheich, Gevurat Hashem, Olelot Efraim Maharal etc.

Illustrated with copperplate engravings from the 1695 Amsterdam Haggadah by
Abraham bar Jacob Avraham son of Yaakov Hager . Among the illustrations are
the famous thirteen-panel depiction of the stages of the Seder and the ten-panel
depiction of the plagues of Egypt.

Anton Schmid was a Christian publisher of Hebrew books, who benefited greatly
from the 1800 ordinance prohibiting the import of Hebrew books by Jews who were
themselves excluded from the publishing business . He employed a number of Jewish
typesetters and proofreaders, mainly from Galicia, who were granted special residence
permits in Vienna. Schmid issued a number of printings of the Haggadah using, like
here, Abraham's delicately engraved popular illustrations.

This edition also features two popular commentaries by Moses Alscheich and Ephraim Luntschitz.

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Quarto, (26 x 20 cm), 52 ll., leaves 13 and 48 misnumbered; title within decorative typographic border; double column Hebrew, Ladino and Aramaic text, 11 engraved illustrations in the text, most half-page, some a little larger; expected wine stains and other signs of ritual use, contemporary sheep boards with gilt ornaments. A very good copy.


Yaari 380; Yudlov 543.   Stock ID: 85922


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