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MIRABEAU, Honore Gabriel Riqueti, Comte de.

Sur Moses Mendelssohn, Sur la Réforme Politique des Juifs:

Et en particulier sur la Révolution Tentée en Leur Faveur en 1753 dans la grande Bretagne. [Moses Mendelssohn, the political reform of the Jews: and in particular the revolution attempted on their behalf in 1753 in Great Britain].

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London, 1787

Coming from the personal library of Jacob Bernays, the renowned German philologist and philosophical writer, this book explores the 'Jewish question' from its author's perspective.

Mirabeau, a leading figure in the early days of the French Revolution, became interested in the 'Jewish question' during his visits to Holland in 1776, England in 1784 and Prussia in 1786. Influenced by the enlightened members of the Jewish communities in these countries, he was particularly fascinated by the image of Moses Mendelssohn.

In this book, which resulted from his journey, he argued that the faults of the Jews were those of their circumstances. Although his main reason for admiring Mendelssohn was that 'humanity and truth' seemed much clearer to him than 'the dark phantoms of the Talmudists', Mirabeau did not consider Judaism an immoral faith, and he defended it against attacks both old and new. In the course of his argument, he repeats the

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First edition. Octavo, (19.5 x 12.5 cm); [68], 130 pp., contemporary marbled boards, spine taped, edges of binding rubbed, some minor foxing throughout.


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