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MARAGHA'I, Zayn ul-Abidin.

Siyahatname-yi Ibrahim Beg [The Travels of Ibrahim Beg].

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Qajar Persia, 1904

Zayn ul-Abidin Maragha'i (1840-1910) was an exiled Persian writer who began life as a merchant and later earned a living as a writer, providing articles for the newspapers Shams and Hablul Matin, these respectively based in Istanbul in Calcutta, as well as writing fiction. The Siyahat Name'ye Ibrahim Beg is by far his most influential work and is important for the history of literature in Farsi. The novel stands as one of the first of its kind, depicting the story of a fictional character's journey back to his homeland to find it in a state of poverty, disarray and in desperate need of political reform. The text was first published in 1895 in Calcutta and was influential in the build-up to the Persian Constitutional Revolution of 1906, which eventually led to the establishment of a parliament in Iran under the Qajar dynasty. The present copy of the text was copied

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Single volume, decorated manuscript on coloured paper (of varying shades of blue and light grey), in Farsi, 100 leaves plus 4 contemporary blank endpapers at the end of the volume, complete, 302 by 195 mm; single column, between 20 and 22 lines of cursive black shekasteh script in a regular hand, headings and important sections in naskh, leaves with contemporary pagination, one or two faint spots, overall exceptionally clean and crisp condition; housed in contemporary limp russet leather ruled in blind, with marbled paper doublures, extremities very slightly discoloured.


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