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CHAMPOLLION, Jean-François.

Lettres à Mr le Duc de Blacas d'Aulps,

[...] Relatives au Musée Royal Egyptien de Turin. Première lettre: monuments historiques [Seconde lettre: suite des monuments historiques... Planches].

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Firmin Didot père et fils, Treüttel et Wurz, Paris, 1824

Fine example in original wrappers. An important and uncommon work in Champollion's career, 'the first attempt [together with his Précis du système hiéroglyphique des anciens Egyptiens, published the same year] to integrate Egyptian art with what was now a confident understanding of the complexities of the forms and structures of Egyptian writing' (Buhe).

Helped by his friend and patron the Duke of Blacas, Champollion was at last able to travel to Italy to inspect primary sources directly, before moving on to Egypt four years later. In Turin he analysed the Drovetti collection, freshly acquired by King Charles Felix - an amazing collection, which Blacas wanted France to buy first. Champollion discovered among the thousand pieces what is now known as the Turin Royal Canon, the most extensive list available of kings compiled by the Egyptians, and the basis for most chronology before the reign of Ramesses II. The Lettres contain

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First edition, 3 volumes comprising: 2 vosl. 8vo. Half-title, title, pp. 109 and 3 plates with hieroglyphs printed in orange on china paper laid; half-title, title, pp. 167. 1 atlas vol. 4to. Original printed wrappers, vol. II in plain wrappers as published, plates loose in atlas vol.; atlas with spine partially split.


Elizabeth Buhe (Sculpted Glyphs: Egypt and the Musée Charles X), Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, Vol. 13, Issue 1, Spring 2014; Brunet I, 1780; Hilmy, I, 127; not in Blackmer.

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