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Last Letters of Oscar Wilde to Robert Ross, 1898-1900.

Transcribed by Montgomery Hyde. H. (1907-1989).

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A very interesting and rare Wilde item, transcribed by Montgomery Hyde at a time when the full contents of these letters were almost certainly only available or circulating in just a few copies (perhaps no more than two).

Preparatory Note by H. Montgomery Hyde 'The following 63 letters and post-cards were the last written by Oscar Wilde to his friend and literary executor, Robert Ross. They cover the period from May, 1898 to November, 1900, thus completing the series begun by Wilde in Reading Gaol and partly published in De Profundis (1908 1.) and continued after his release in France and Italy under the later published titles of After Reading (1921) 2. and After Berneval (1922) 3. The letters were transcribed by me after copies made by Walter Ledger, the well known Wilde collector, from a type-written transcript of the originals which had previously been prepared by Stuart Mason, Wilde's

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Single typescript manuscript; 8vo (270 x 220mm); bound within brown paper wrappers, typescript title to front, tied with thin ribbon, 60 typescript letters, comprises: 2pp. Preparatory Note by H. Montgomery Hyde, London, October, 1949; 1pp. Abbreviations, the letters typed to single sides of 100 leaves, each letter numbered I - LXIII top centre of page, (letter nos. 37, 38, 39 are not present), numbered abbreviations to lower r.h. corners of pages, 'M.M. 64 - 90', (Max Mayerfield), and 'D. (Dulau & Co. Ltd.), 68 -130', with numerous names, references to individuals or homosexuality underlined in red ink; the first letter, '[Paris] May '98', the final letter, numbered LXIII, '(dictated), Hotel d'Alsace, Rue des Beaux Arts, Paris, Wednesday, [November 1900]'; paper wrappers worn with light marks, upper and lower covers with creasing and numerous clean edge tears along the cover's edges and to the spine, a staple rust mark to the top centre of the first page (Preparatory Note), internally clean save some toning to the typescript pages. additional reference notes to abbreviations 'M.M' and 'D'., marked to lower r.h. of letters. iV. M.M. 67 (incomplete) D.71;VI. M.M. 69 (incomplete) D.73.VIII. M.M. 71 (incomplete) D.75.IX. Not in M.M. D.76.XII. Not in M.M. D. 80.XIII. M.M. 74 (incomplete) D.79.XIV. D.81.XIX. M.M. 80 (incomplete) D. 86.XX. M.M. 81 (incomplete) D. 81.XI. Not in M.M. D.88.XXII. Not in M.M. D. 89.XXIII. Not in M.M. D. 90.XXIV. Not in M.M. D. 91.XXVI. Not in M.M. D. 93.XXVIII. Not in M.M. D. 95.XXIX. Not in M.M. D96.XXXI. Not in M.M. D. 98.XXXII. Not in M.M. D. 99.XXXIII. Not in M.M. D. 100.XXXIV. Not in M.M. D. 101.XXXV. Not in M.M. D. 102.XXXVI. Not in M.M. D. 103-106.XL. Not in M.M. D107.XLI. Not in M.M. D. 108.XLII. Not in M.M. D. 109.XLIV. Not in M.M. D111.XLV. Not in M.M. D112.XLVI. Not in M.M. D. 113.XLVII. Not in M.M. D.114.XLVIII. Not in M.M. D.115.L. Not in M.M. D. 117.LI. Not in M.M. D. 118.LII. Not in M.M. D. 119.LIII. M.M. 86. (incomplete) D. 120.LV. Not in M.M. D. 122.LVII. Not in M.M. D. 124.LVIII. Not in M.M. D. 145. (incorrectly numbered, ý D.125)LIX. Not in M.M. D. 126LX. Not in M.M. D. 127.LXI. Not in M.M. D. 128.LXII. Not in M.M. D. 129.


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