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Entire Qur'an copied in miniature,

in a refined Nasta'liq script, by Seyyed Hassan Mir Khani, known as Saraj al-Katib.

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Iran, 1942

An exceptionally rare and important Qur'an copied in nasta'liq script.

Traditionally, calligraphers reserved only six types of calligraphy to copy the holy script of the Qur'an, these were primarily thuluth, naskh, muhaqqaq, riqa', rayhani and tawqi. There have been a few select examples of Qur'ans in nast'aliq script, that broke away from the formal Qur'anic calligraphic styles over the centuries, including one written for Shah Tahmasp dated 945 AH (1538 AD) copied by Shah Muhamad Nishapuri and another copied by Muhammad Hussayn Damavandi dated 1093 AH (1682 AD), however these examples are very few and far between. The present example is further elevated by the use of miniature nasta'liq, instead of the standard ghurabi script often endorsed for miniature Qur'ans, with all the proportions of the letters and formations copied with remarkable accuracy and detail despite the vastly reduced scale.

The copyist of this manuscript was a widely celebrated master

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Single large panel containing the entire text of the Qur'an copied on 30 individual sheets (one Juz' per sheet), illuminated manuscript on paper, in Arabic, complete, total 1170 by 721 mm (each Qur'anic panel 155 by 120 mm); each panel in single column, 50 lines miniature black nasta'liq script, 5 illuminated cartouches above the text with text in gold thuluth against red and blue backgrounds, illuminated polychrome head-piece opening the first panel of text, gilt decorated borders around each of the 30 panels of text, in clean and crisp condition.


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