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PIRANESI, Giovanni Battista.

Opere varie di architettura, prospettive, grotteschi, antichita; Carceri d'invenzione; Trofei di Ottaviano Augusto; Antichita Romane de' Tempi della Republica.

Carceri d'invenzione; Trofei di Ottaviano Augusto; Antichita Romane de' Tempi della Republica.

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Rome, 1761

An outstanding album incorporating much of Piranesi's most extraordinary and finest work. Printed in Piranesi's lifetime under his supervision.

The album contains very good impressions of Piranesi's etchings this is an early Roman edition corresponding to Hind's edition B (1761 or after), and Robison's second edition (produced in 1761). The Grotteschi are in second state (1 plate) or third state (3 plates); the Carceri are second edition, second issue with numbering in Roman numerals; The Trofei di Ottavio Augusto are present in the first edition. The watermarks -where visible - conform to Robison 35, dating to the early 1760s.

The volume opens with the Prima Parte showing imaginary adaptations and reconstructions on classical Roman themes and ranging in scope from designs for a museum of sculpture to the interiors and exteriors of palaces, views of colonnades, architectural ruins and so on. The Prima Parte, when first published in Rome in 1743, was

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Four works in one volume, large folio (53 x 39.5 cm). Opere varie: title printed in red and black with engraved vignette (Robison's second issue), Prima Parte, second edition, second issue, engraved frontispiece, and 16 plates, complete; 10 plates on 5 sheets from the Opere Varie [Wilton-Ely 45-50]; Two single plates: Pianta di ampio magnifico Collegio: A single plate, third state (of seven). [Robison 25] & Parte di ampio magnifico Porto: A single plate, fourth state (of eight). [Robison 26]. These 2 plates are here unnumbered, for later versions of the 1761 issue these plates have numbers added. (see Hind pg. 81); Grotteschi: 4 plates. Second or third states, [Robison 21 - 24]. Carceri: Second edition, second Issue. double-page engraved title, and 15 double-page plates (numbered II-XVI). Trofei di Ottaviano Augusto. First edition. Rome: G.G. Salmoni, 1753, title printed in red and black with engraved vignette, and 8 (of 9) unnumbered plates, 4 double-page, lacking one plate (the view of the Castello), title spotted. Antichita Romane de' Tempi della Republica. First edition, (1748), 30 engraved plates (including 2 titles, dedication, and 2 plates of inscriptions), eighteenth-century half calf, marbled boards, neat repairs to joints and extremities, a very handsome collection.


Robison: Prima Parte: 1-3, 5-12, 15-20 (plate 17 replaces plate 4 from first edition, plates 13 & 14 only in first issue); Grotteschi 21-24; Single plates 25 & 26; title-Page: 28; Carceri 29-44. Opere Varie: Focillon nos. 2-13, 17-18, 20-23, and 121-132; Hind pp.78-81 ('later edition B'); Carceri: Focillon 24-39; Hind pp. 24-29, 81 ('about 1761'); Trofei: Focillon 134, 136-143; Hind p.82-83; Antichita Romane: Focillon 41-71; Hind pp.75-76; Wilton-Ely 103-133.

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