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A large provincial Qur'an,

signed by Hassan ibn Hassan Rumiyyah.

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Qariyat Yabrud, provincial Palestine or Syria, 1884

The use of copper illumination to the frontispiece of this Qur'an is highly unusual. Typically, manuscript Qur'ans are adorned with gold to highlight the opening two surah, as a symbol of opulence, wealth and grandeur as well as providing a gateway into the holy text. Muslims believe that the text itself is sacred and that a Qur'an, being the literal word of God, is an object that can carry spiritual properties. However, there are some branches of Islam that consider the use of gold in the Qur'an and on their person taboo haram (applicable only to men wearing gold, not women); this is a characteristic mostly associated with tribes from the Arabian peninsula and lower Levant and Qur'ans produced for patrons from these regions are typically void of any colour or illumination. This credence could explain the use of copper instead of gold in the present manuscript and would make

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single volume, illuminated manuscript on paper with triple crescent moon watermark, in Arabic, complete, collation: i-xxiii10, xxiv7 (lacking final blank to complete the last gathering), 310 by 220 mm; single column, 15 lines cursive black naskh, copied in an informal hand, surah headings and marginal verse markers in orange, leaves double-ruled in orange, contemporary catch-words throughout, opening two surah with copper and lengths of coloured paper additions adhered to the leaves to create decorative borders around the text, some adhesion to upper margins of most leaves (causing some small tears, rarely affecting text), some leaves a little browned; bound in contemporary Ottoman-style dark red morocco with flap, covers with stamped central medallions of gilt paper onlay decorated with embossed floral and vegetal motifs, rubbed with some paper additions wanting, contemporary marbled paper pastedowns, overall bright and attractive binding.


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