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Leaf from a fine Safavid calligraphic album.

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Safavid Persia, 1600

This leaf showcases the excellence of Persian manuscript production in the early Safavid period of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The nasta'liq script script featured in the central cartouches of both sides of this album leaf are of the highest calibre and are evidently copied by the most revered hands of their time. The text includes extracts from Nizami's Layla and Majnun (the three nasta'liq couplets to the recto), the Bustan of Sa'adi, and the Islamic teachings of Ali ibn Abi Talib (two panels of thuluth to the recto).



Illuminated manuscript formed of multiple calligraphic panels pasted to thick card, in Arabic and Farsi, total leaf 370 by 245 mm. (recto panel 285 by 195 mm. and verso 250 by 175 mm.); recto formed of a large central panel of fine nasta'liq formed of three couplets, this framed by two panels of large thuluth on either side and a further two panels above and below in an elegant reyhani script (verging on muhaqqaq), the outer corners are further decorated by four diagonally placed cartouches of nasta'liq (in two different hands), the verso is formed of a large central panel of fine nasta'liq formed of two rhyming couplets framed within two corner-pieces illustrated in fine Safavid-style gilt polychrome devices and copied on paper adorned in sections of gold leaf, framed within a multiple ruled border formed of 12 cartouches of nasta'liq (6 of these single lines on cream paper and the other 6 formed of 2 lines on white paper), both sides of album leaf elegantly arranged with gilt borders separating different panels and wider ruled borders of green and aubergine coloured paper, some light surface soiling and small chips to wider margins, overall very attractive condition.


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