Fire and Ice: Travel Catalogue 2016



From the Tropics to the Ice World



Download the PDF catalogue.


  • – Worsley’s Boat Journey with original letters;
  • – A wonderful album of photographs taken by Herbert Ponting on the Terra Nova expedition;
  • – David Livingstone’s Missionary Travels;
  • – The earliest account by a Russian of the United States;
  • – The original typed engineer’s report for the reconnaissance of routes for the proposed Waichow to Hoi Fung Yuen highway.


These might be my personal favourites but there are plenty of other books to enjoy here. Also, these recent acquisitions represent just a small part of our travel stock, so please contact me if you are looking for any other travel books. In case you are wondering why there are no Pacific books here, fear not! Our next travel catalogue will be devoted to the Pacific. If this floats your boat, contact me to make sure you receive a copy.

Julian MacKenzie (Head of the Travel Department)

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