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Party at the Moontowner

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Party at the Moontowner

Long before I knew about art galleries or even street art, I was excited about album cover art, if only because it was the visual counterpart to the music on the records I loved. Album covers conjured a euphoric association with the listening experience. Most of my earliest home-made tee shirts were stencils based on punk album covers No matter how much I love art, or try to convince myself of its relevance in society, the fact remains that music is a lot cooler and way more able to reach people's hearts and minds but I'm a populist and I look at it this way I may not play an instrument, but I'm gonna rock it hard as nails anyway. With my art I try to capture the same energy and spirit that makes music so powerful and democratic. REVOLUTIONS is a celebration of all the great music and accompanying Read more.
CATEGORIES: Modern & Contemporary


Each set is a limited edition of 150 and includes 36 signed and numbered screen prints, a stencil, a sticker sheet of 9 stickers, and a certificate of authentication
33 x 33 cm.


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