• Herbarium.

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  • [LILIES].

    A Collection of Works on Lilies.

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  • BUCHOZ, Pierre Joseph

    Collection coloriée des plus belles variétés de Tulipes qu'on cultive dans les Jardins des Fleuristes

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  • CHANDLER, Alfred; William Beattie Booth.

    Illustrations and descriptions of the plants which compose the natural order camellieae,

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  • CURTIS, Samuel [and] POPE, Clara Maria.

    Monograph on Genus Camellia.

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  • EDWARDS, Sydenham.

    Flora Britannica.

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  • FURBER, Robert.

    Twelve months of flowers.

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    [Album of dried seaweeds].

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  • HOOKER, Sir William Jackson, & John Charles Lyons.

    A Century of Orchidaceous Plants selected from Curtis's Botanical Magazine.

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  • LAWRANCE, Mary.

    A collection of roses from nature.

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  • LINDEN, Jean Jules; Lucien Linden; Emile Rodrigas.

    Lindenia iconographie des orchidees.

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  • LOUDON, Jane.

    The Ladies' Flower-Garden

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  • LOUDON, Mrs. Jane.

    The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Bulbous Plants.

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  • MAUND, Benjamin.

    The Botanic Garden.

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  • REDOUTÉ, Pierre-Joseph (illustrator) and Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU.

    La Botanique.

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  • ROSCOE, Margaret.

    Floral Illustrations of the seasons.

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  • ROUPELL, Arabella E.

    Specimens of the flora of South Africa by a lady.

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  • SWEET, Robert.

    The florist's guide, and cultivator's directory;

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  • WARNER, Robert; Benjamin Samuel Williams.

    The orchid album,

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  • WRIGHT, John

    The Fruit Grower's Guide

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