• BEETON, Mrs. Isabella.

    The Book of Household Management;

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  • BRILLAT-SAVARIN, [Jean Anthelme]; THIEBAUD, Wayne; M[ary] F[rances] K[ennedy] FISHER [trans.].

    The Physiology of Taste, or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy.

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  • BRILLAT-SAVARIN, Jean Anthelme

    Physiologie du Gout...

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  • BRILLAT-SAVARIN, Jean Anthelme.

    Physiologie du Gout ...

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  • CRADDOCK, Harry.

    The Savoy Cocktail Book.

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  • DAVID, Elizabeth.

    Italian Food

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  • HOWLAND, Miss L.C.

    Entrées: A Collection of Recipes Including a Selection Suitable for Jewish Cookery.

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  • KANTER, Berta.

    Like Mama Used to Make.

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  • MAY, Vivienne.

    A Potpourri of Jewish Recipes.

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  • MEYER, Erna, Dr.

    Cookery-book. How to cook in Palestine.

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  • PRICE, Elizabeth.

    The New, Universal, and Complete Confectioner;

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