Luz da liberal, e Nobre Arte da Cavallaria.

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  • DRUMMOND DE MELFORT, Louis Hector (Comte de).

    Traite sur la Cavalerie.

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  • PLUVINEL, Antoine de.

    L'instruction du roy en l'exercice de monter a cheval.

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  • RIDINGER, Johann Elias.

    A collection of works in 1 volume comprising:

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  • SPENCER, Thomas.

    [Portraits of Race Horses with their pedigrees, achievements, etc.]

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  • AUBRY, Charles.

    Histoire pittoresque de l'equitation ancienne et moderne.

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  • BLEW, William C.A.

    A History of Steeple-Chasing.

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  • GRIFFITHS, William.

    A Practical Treatise on Farriery;

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  • TEILLAIS, Jules Chevalier de la.

    Étude sur les chevaux russes.

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    History of English and French celebrated stallions

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  • UPTON, Roger D.

    Newmarket & Arabia.

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    British Sports and Sportsmen - Modern Flat-Racing, Steeplechasing, Point-To-Point Racing, Coursing and Greyhound Racing.

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