• [BROOKE, James]; MUNDY, R.

    Narrative of events in Borneo and the Celebes,

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  • ANDERSON, John.

    Mission to the east coast of Sumatra

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  • COOL, Capt. W.

    With the Dutch in the East.

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  • COX, Captain Hiram

    Journal of a residence in the Burmhan empire,

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  • FARRÈRE, Claude; FOUQUERAY, Charles (illustrator).

    Jonques et Sampans.

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  • GARNIER, Francis.

    Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine effectué pendant les années 1866, 1867 et 1868 par une commission Fançaise présidée par Doudart de Lagée.

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  • GERVAISE, Nicolas.

    An historical description of the Kingdom of Macasar in the East-Indies. In three books.

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  • HUBBACK, Theodore R.

    Elephant and seladang hunting in

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  • LEONOWENS, Anna Harriette.

    The romance of Siamese harem life.

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  • MANUEL (King of Portugal).

    Epistola potentissimi

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  • MARSHALL, John.

    Narrative of the naval operations

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  • PACHECO, Diogo.

    Emanuelis Lusitan:

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  • RENNIE, David Field.


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