ДЕНИСОВ Святослав Варламович (редактор). [DENISOV, Sviatoslav Varlamovich (editor)].

Белая Россия


Белая Россия.
[White Russia].
Izd. Gl. pravleniya Zarubezh. soyuza russkikh voennikh invalidov, New York, 1937.

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First edition of this fine portfolio containing a history of the White movement during the early years of the Civil War. Includes biographical information and a number of memoirs about the movement and its leaders, as well as a richly illustrated “Portrait Gallery of the Leaders of the White Movement of the 1st Period of the White Struggle”, with biographies.
Of unusually large size, this was clearly an expensive undertaking, fully printed on glossy paper. Although others may have been envisaged, this is the only volume that was produced.

Denisov fought in the South of Russia during the Civil War, rising to become commander of the Don Cossack Army in 1918.


Quarto, issue 1 (all published). 128 pp., with numerous photographic plates and maps. Fine example in the original printed and decorated wrappers.



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