Книга ничто иное как человек говорящий публично.


Книга ничто иное как человек говорящий публично.
[A Book Is Nothing Else but an Individual Speaking out Loud]
Gosudarstvennoye Izdatelstvo, Peterburg [Petrograd], 1920.

Книга ничто иное как человек говорящий публично.


Rare ephemera, here in immaculate condition, produced in the framework of the illiteracy elimination campaign in the post-Revolutionary Russia

Following the revolution of 1917 and in the conditions of ongoing Civil War the Bolsheviks desperately needed support of the population in order to secure and strengthen their control over the country. They were widely propagating revolutionary ideas in books, brochures and periodicals, however, with the literacy level as low as 31,9% the message was simply failing to reach the Bolshevik’s target audience. On December 1, 1919 the ruling body adopted a decree “On illiteracy elimination in the Soviet Federative Socialist Republic”, which was followed by an establishment of a special commission for its implementation.

Along with compulsory education measures the Bolsheviks embarked on a mass production of posters that effectively communicated simple messages through their eye-catching design and short easy-to-read slogans. In the conditions of economic collapse, low cost of production was no less important factor.

Printed on fragile cheap paper and destined to be put on facades and other surfaces in the open-air, posters were usually short-lived. Survivors in such fine condition as the offered copy are a rare find.


Monochrome lithograph, 64 x 47 cm; a few marginal clean tears. Framed and glazed.


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