КОЗЛЯНИНОВ, Владимир Федорович [KOZLIANINOV, Vladimir Fedorovich].

Юбилейная памятка конногвардейца 1706 - 1931


Юбилейная памятка конногвардейца 1706 – 1931
[Russian Horse Guard Commemoration 1706-1931].
izd. E.I.V. Velikogo Kniazia Dmitriya Pavlovicha, 1931.

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A rare publication issued in a limited edition of five hundred copies only, presenting history of one the most prestigious Imperial regiments.
Published by H.I.H Grand Duke Dmitriy of Russia (1891 – 1942), this book contains a synopsis of the history of over two hundred years of loyal service rendered by the gallant regiment of The Horse Guards to Emperor and country. The illustrations contained in the present volume have been reproduced from paintings
and engravings belonging to the Horse Guards`Museum in St. Petersburg; what their fate may have been since the revolution is not known.

Our copy in number 122, one of the 250 copies (numbered 1 to 250) that have been presented by Grand Duke Dmitriy to Members of the Russian Imperial Family, to all members of the Association of Former Officers of the Horse Guards and to some National Libraries.
This copy was printed for Countess Maria Sergeevna Benckendorff (Born Princess Dolgorukova, 1846 – 1936).


Tall 8vo (27 x 18.5 cm). 87 pp., with 3 plates with tipped-in illustrations. Original wrappers.

Provenance: Countess Maria Sergeevna Benckendorff (own copy).


Savine No 25488 – “Rare”.


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