(Russians in the Napoleonic Wars).


(Russians in the Napoleonic Wars).

London, H. Humphrey, 1813.

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Cruikshank’s rare sole work on Russia.

Perhaps to emphasise the shared revulsion felt towards the Napoleonic invaders across Europe, Cruikshank brought these Russian caricatures to an English audience, leaving the Russian text in place, but generally exaggerating the grotesqueness of the characters to his own style. The originals were mostly by Terebenev and issued in 1812.

The subjects are: French Generals Retreating; French Post Extraordinary from Moscow to Paris; Napoleon’s Fame; A Peasant carrying off a French cannon …; A Review of the French Troops on their returning March through Smolens; A Russian boor returning from his field sports; A Russian peasant loading a dung cart; Russians Teaching Boney to Dance; Specimens of Russians chopping blocks.


Series of 9 hand-coloured engravings, 20.5 x 25.5 cm to 25 x 35 cm. Titles in original Russian and English, one also in German, all within washed borders, all trimmed to the border and remargined; slight discolouration to some borders and margins with minimal effect on plates, additional modern caption labels (some of which torn) pasted to margins of 3 plates and reverse of 3 plates.


BM Satires 11995-96, 12015, 12025, 12045-46, 12051, 12053, 12060; Cohn 1996; 1938; 1940; 1941; 1833; 1135; 1138; 1179; 1900.


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