Grand Duchesses of Russia.


Grand Duchesses of Russia.

St. Petersburg Boissonnas & Eggler c.1913

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Signed original photograph of Tsar Nicholas II’s four daughters

Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra were the most famous princesses of their day, yet signed photographs are extremely rare. Present is the signatures of the four sisters and dated 1916. They were incredibly close and often, instead of using their individual names they signed letters to family relations with the self-styled title OTMA.

Great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, they were the picture of regal elegance but behind their poised exterior each sister had a fascinating and vibrant personality. Olga, on the far right was the first born and known for her independence, sensitivity and studious nature. She assisted in the war effort with administrative duties. To her left sits the youngest, Anastasia, the mischievous troublemaker of the four had a strong personality and was often reprimanded for pulling tricks on the servants. Standing in the middle is Tatiana who was deeply religious, level-headed and a talented nurse for the Red Cross during the Great War. Nicknamed ‘fat little bow-wow’ by her sisters, Maria, on the left was kind and sweet-natured. As the second youngest she was too young to formally help in war but visited wounded soldiers and played board games in an effort to keep their spirits up.


Original photograph, tipped onto original light card studio folder with embossed stamp in lower left-hand corner. Slightly faded, some cockling from tipping onto mount, the mount itself with two strips of residue from later window mounting. Framed and glazed. (446 x 403 mm).



Stock ID: 97873