ALBINUS, B[ernard] S[iegfried] and Jan WANDELAAR (artist).


[Pair of Anatomical studies]

H. Woodfall for John and Paul Knapton, London, 1749.


Albinus’ work, based upon his concept of the ideal man, is among the most artistically perfect of anatomical atlases.

“Albinus and his artist, Jan Wandelaar, used some ingenious methods to prepare the illustrations, including the establishment of an optically ideal point of view (one at which all the bones of the skeleton are seen at right angles), dividing the human figure into sections using a mathematically constructed grid, and transferring each section onto paper in true size with the aid of compass and ruler. In addition, Wandelaar placed his skeletons and musclemen against lush ornamental backgrounds to give them the illusion of vitality, using contrasts of mass and light to produce a three-dimensional effect.


A pair of copper plate engravings. Framed and glazed, overall size: 112.4 by 83.5cm.



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