Russia, Mongolia, China.


Russia, Mongolia, China.
Being some record of the relations between them from the beginning of the XVIIth century to the death of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich A.D. 1602-1676 rendered mainly in the form of narratives dictated or written by the envoys sent by the Russian tsars, or their voevodas in Siberia to the Kalmuk and Mongol khans & princes; and to the emperors of China with introductions, historical and geographical also a series of maps showing the progress of geographical knowledge in regard to northern Asia during the XVIth, XVIIth, & early XVIIIth centuries the texts taken more especially from manuscripts in the Moscow Foreign Office archives.
Macmillan, London, 1919.

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First edition, limited to 250 numbered copies: a great work of scholarship, and a most important, very comprehensive source on early times of Russia and Northern Asia, with a wealth of information – as well as a most handsomely produced book.

The first volume gives a very detailed historical and geographical outline of the regions described, with special emphasis placed on the analysis and critics of the cartography of the region. It includes 28 excellent reproductions of important maps, among them Battista Agnese’s map of Russia, Jenkinson’s map, the Godunov and the Remezov maps, Schleissing’s, Witsen’s and Strahlenberg’s maps. The second volume focuses on the missions sent by the Tsars to the Mongol Khans, the Kalmuks and the Chinese Emperors in the 17th century. Among the many described are: Petroff’s mission to the Kalmuks (1616), Savelieff’s mission to the Kalmuks (1617), Tumenet and Petroff, Petlin and Mundoff’s missions to China, Tukhachevsky’s, Grechanin’s, Starkoff’s and Nevieroff’s missions to the Altin Khan all in the 1630s), Baikoff’s mission to China (1653-1675), Bubenny’s and Uulvinsky’s missions to the Kalmuks (1665/1667), Spathary Embassy to China (1675-1677), etc.


Two volumes, folio (36 x 23 cm). Title, 14, [2], xxxlxv pp., errata, 6 double sheets (genealogical tables); xii, 445, [2], with 2 frontispieces, 4 (1 folding) plates, 69 ill. and 2 maps in text and 27 maps (of which 10 double-page, 1 folding, 3 partly in colour and 6 folding and partly colour in pocket at rear of vol. 1), original holland-backed blue boards, paper labels, top edges gilt, others uncut, light wear, lightly soiled, a very good example.



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