Deutschland. Nordbayern.
Franken – Oberpfalz – Niederbayern – Bayerischer und Böhmer Wald Böhmische Grenzgebiete.
Karl Baedeker, Leipzig 1930.

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This second and last edition was extended deep into Czechoslovakia as far as Pilsen, thereby including most of the southern part of the Sudetenland, which in 1938 became the subject of the famous Munich Conference that led to the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia.Issued c. 1931. Despite this volume being incomplete – it is still a useful reading copy.


Second edition. xxxvi, 340pp, 22 (of 23 maps,), 17 ( of 22) plans and 6 floor plans, one map repaired on reverse, (lacks 6 maps and plans in total), pencilling inside, original red cloth slightly worn; a good copy.


Hinrichsen D250.


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