For sale by candle at Garraway's Coffee-House,


For sale by candle at Garraway’s Coffee-House,
‘Change-Alley, Cornhill, on Wednesday, March 24, 1819.
Minerva Press, London, 1819.

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A bill of sale listing items ranging from “400 bags saltpetre” to “6 chests rhubarb” to “6 bales Tripoli madder root.” Inscribed in the upper left corner as belonging to Messrs. Howard Jewel and Co., the company’s representative carefully noted the price and often the purchaser of each item. The tincal seems to have been a particular item of interest for the holder of this brochure; receipts attached to page three relate to the delivery of samples of the chests up for sale.


42 x 17cm, folded, 10pp., original stitched binding, two additional small papers affixed to p.3, annotated in contemporary hand throughout, slight tear to p.1 right edge, very light damp staining, but remarkably intact with clear and legible marginalia.



Stock ID: 74045