Sih-Chida & Mahchsi-Karehde - Mandan Indians.


Sih-Chida & Mahchsi-Karehde – Mandan Indians.

London, 1843.

Sih-Chida & Mahchsi-Karehde - Mandan Indians.

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Bodmer made this full-length double portrait whilst at Fort Clark in December 1833. On the left is Sih-Chida (“Yellow Feather”), probably a member of the Mandan Dog Society as the cluster of feathers at the back of his head suggests. On the right stands Mahchsi (“Flying War Eagle”), a member of the Soldier Society, which regulated all important tribal affairs, but was perhaps best know for his height – at just over six feet, he was described by Bodmer as the “tallest Mandan”.

From the ‘Travels in the Interior of North America between 1832-34’ by Prince Maximilian Alexander Philipp Zu Wied-Neuweid, published in two volumes by Ackermmann in London 1843 – the finest work on American Indian life and the American Frontier. It is the result of an epic journey which took place at a time when the mass migrations of settlers and pioneers was about to alter irrevocably the unspoiled West. Bodmer (1809-93) was engaged by prince Maximilian (already famed for his earlier explorations in Brazil) to provide a record of his travels among the Plains Indians of North America during 1833-34. His efforts show great versatility and technical virtuosity and give us a uniquely thorough, accomplished and detailed picture of a previously little understood (and soon to vanish) way of life.


Original hand-coloured aquatint engraving (tableau 20) printed on India paper and then laid down, studio blind stamp. Dimensions: Plate 51 by 42 cm (20 by 16.5 inches).


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