ПОТОЦКИЙ, Павел Платонович [POTOTSKIY, Pavel Platonovich].

Гвардия русского царя под Нарвою в 1700 и 1704 году


Гвардия русского царя под Нарвою в 1700 и 1704 году
[The Guard of The Russian Tsar at Narva in 1700 and 1704].
Sankt Peterburg, Skorokhodov, 1890.


Very rare work published in the edition of 200 copies only glorifying the exploit of the Russian troops in the Great Northern War and military reforms of Peter the Great.
The book was published on the occasion of manoeuvres conducted in 1890 in the environs of Narva by the Preobrazhenskiy and Semiovskiy regiments – the elite Guards regiments created by Peter the Great. Hundred and ninety years earlier the same place was a witness of a bitter defeat of the Russian forces that signified an important turn in the military history of the Empire.
The Battle of Narva on 19 November 1700 was an early battle in the Great Northern War. A Swedish relief army under Charles XII of Sweden defeated a Russian siege force three to four times its size. Afterwards Peter the Great maintained that this overwhelming defeat had been a blessing because it forced him to take vigourous action to create a modern army. Four years later, Peter returned with 45,000 men, far better trained and equipped than before and took the town.

The book was published at own expense by Pavel Pototskiy (1857 —1938), a historian and Russian military commander, distinguished in the combat of the First World War. It includes multiple plans, diagrams and drawings made by the Army of Peter The Great, and illustrations of the battle.
Very rare: not in the collections of Russian State or Public libraries; WorldCat locates only one copy – in the National Library of Poland (with 13 plates only).


Quarto (26.6 x 20.7 cm). 48 pp., including title, with 14 engraved plates. Modern brown cloth.

Provenance: From the library of Leningrad based historian Oleg Vasilievich Kharitonov, research fellow at the Historical Artillery Museum (ex-libris to upper pastedown).



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