[HODGES, W.] (after); BERNARD, [Robert] (engraver).


Débarquement à Mallicolo l’une des Nouvelles Hébrides.

[Paris, c.1785].


After plate 60 in the official account of Cook’s Second Voyage: The Landing at Mallicolo, one of the New Hebrides published 1st February 1777. The voyage’s official artist Hodges here records Cook’s arrival on the second largest island in the New Hebrides, which they surveyed during their time in Vanuatu (4 June to 13 September 1774). Cook records that two boats were despatched to gather wood, only to be confronted by four or five hundred local people when they landed. Cook, with his feet in the water, hands his musket to a Marine on the boat, and with an outstretched hand is ready to take the palm frond being offered by the local man. Whilst the clothing for each group matches records of the encounter the poses are particularly formal and classical – the local people being tall and dignified, contrary to the unflattering description given by Cook.


Fine engraving, 235 by 485mm (plate size), with vertical folds, mounted.



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