LÉMONTEY, Pierre Edouard.

Eloge de Jacques Cook avec des notes:


Eloge de Jacques Cook avec des notes:
discourse qui a remporté le prix d’éloquence au jugement de l’Academie de Marseille, le 25 Août 1789.
Paris, Impremerie Nationale, 1792.

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Rare panegyric by the French jurist and biographer. The Eloge was first read to the Marseilles Academy in 1789, and was awarded a prize for eloquence. Written in ‘very high-flown language’ (Holmes), it includes the author’s belief in the development of Australia after European colonisation, amongst which are that the English colony would attract other nations to settle, and that China would want to settle some of her population in Australia. There are also references to Hawaii.


First edition. 8vo, 86 pp., long tears to title and last leaf going into text, light spotting at beginning and end, well bound in modern red half-morocco gilt.


Beddie, 1972; Forbes, 221; Holmes, 76.


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