Paul Petit, [mid XIX c.].

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Finely lithographed view of the Imperial palace on the South shore of Crimea.
In September 1837, the Tsar Nicolas I and Tsarina visited the Crimea for the first time. Impressed with the Count Vorontsov’s palace in Alupka, the Prussian-born Empress commissioned a design for a new residence to be perched on the craggy shore in Oreanda. The project was eventually given to the court architect Andrei Stackenschneider. The Tsarina’s palace was built between 1843 and 1853 under the supervision of William Hunt and Combioggio, an architect from Odessa. This edifice was destroyed by a 1882 conflagration, with only a marble rotunda remaining. The next emperor, Alexander II, had the royal residence moved to Livadia.


Tinted lithograph by Dupressoir (30.5 x 42.5 cm); light soiling.



Stock ID: 92610