Опыты [Experiments].


Опыты [Experiments].
Numbers I, III, and VIII.
New York, Vol I & VIII Rausaen Bros., Vol III Chekhov Publishing House 1953, ’54 & ’57.

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Опыты [Experiments].


Experiments was the first post-war Russian emigré literary journal, printed in New York between 1953 and 1958 with a total of nine editions. These three volumes feature works by some of the most famous names in 20th Century Russian literature.

Volume I includes two poems by Osip Mandelstam, Diaghilevs Evenings by Aleksey Remizov, Art and Love, a critical piece by Zinaida Gippius and printed here for the first time, Nabokov’s poem, В последний раз лиясь листами [For the last time, with leaves that flow].

Volume II includes Воспоминания [Memoirs] by Nabokov, comprising Chapters 1-3 of Другие Берега [Other Shores], the poem В Щелочку [V Shchelochku] by Isaac Babel, and an article by Yuriy Annekov titled, Вокруг Есенин [Around Esenin].

Volume III includes a poem by Georgiy Ivanov, Зима идет своим порядком [Zima idet svoim poriadkom], the poem Истина [The Truth] by Aleksey Remizov, a letter from Marina Tsvetaeva to Anatoly Shteiger and an article titled Заметки переводчика-II [notes of a translator-II] by Nabokov.


3 vols; 8vo (244/242 x 153/182 mm). Original wrappers, printed in red and black, edges uncut (a few pale stains and some very minor chipping to extremities), blue cloth folding case.

Property from the Vladimir Nabokov Collection of J. Rigbie Turner


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