The Mongols.


The Mongols.
From the 9th to the 19th Century.
London, Longmans, 1876-1888.

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A monumental compilation and comparison of the knowledge available in European languages in the late nineteenth century. Howorth used, among others, Schmidt’s translation of the chronicle of Sayang Secen, the reports of Carpini, Rubruck, Timkovskii, Bergmann, and Iakinf Bicurin, and of Marco Polo. He also relied heavily on the published works of De Mailla, Gaubil, de Guignes, Pauthier, Schott, Petis de la Croix, and D’Ohsson, and on translations of the works of Juvaini, Rashid al-Din, and Abul Ghazi.

The set comprises: Part I : The Mongols Proper and the Kalmuks. Part II : The So-called Tartars of Russia and Central Asia. Part III: The Mongols of Persia. A fourth volume with indices and supplement was published in 1927 but is rarely present.


Three parts in four volumes, 8vo., xxviii, 743, xxxiv, 1087, x, 776pp, 2 folding maps by E.G. Ravenstein. original green cloth gilt, well preserved in attractive morocco-edged slip cases, an excellent set.



Stock ID: 90842