[Indian castes and trades].


[Indian castes and trades].

Circa 1820.

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A good quality series of watercolours, mostly showing paired figures on each sheet. The subjects (lettered in ink below image) are:

1. Mussulman Moonshee, and wife.
2. Dhoby, or washerman and wife – Malabar caste.
3. Mussulman Fakeer, and wife.
4. Moghul Mussulman, an officer in the Niryani’s body guard, and his wife.
5. Peon (Police man) Marhatta, and wife.
6. Rajpoot (or Soldier) Hindoo, and wife – Duffadas of Police.
7. Moodelly Caste, Hindoo. Beugallee, whip seller, Hindoo.
8. Barber, Hindoo. Bombay Hawker, or travelling merchant, Mussulman.
9. Hindoo basket maker, and his wife.
10. Puckally, water carrier, and bullock – (Mussulman).
11. Lubbay Mussulmans. [man and wife]12. A Beggar and his wife – Oopoo Kurura.
13. Palanquin Bearer – Ootaradee caste. Carpenter – Vellama caste.
14. ? Brahmin – an officer in a Rajah’s household, and his wife.
15. Writer of the Vellala caste, and wife.
16. Hindoo of Bulja caste, and wife.
17. Milkman, and wife – Goolla caste.
18. Chatty, or earthen pot maker, and wife.
19. Carcone Brahmin, and wife.
20. Bengallee Merchant – Brahmin, and wife.
21. Jetties, or prizefighters.
22. Sree wystnoo Brahmin, with manuscript book, and wife.
23. Chuckler, or shoemaker, and wife – the lowest caste of all.
24. Parsees. [man and wife]25. Bricklayer, Woodda caste. [and wife]26. Soothsayer, and his wife – Mullroah.
27. Mussulman dancing girl, and musician playing a kind of cymbals.
28. Drummer and Fiddler, Mussulmans.
29. Gugeratee Brahmin, diamond merchant, with his wife.
30. Housekeeper (man) and Grasscutter (woman) – Pariahs.
31. Arab Horsedealer and his wife.
32. Bangle (amulet) maker, and wife.
33. Murura caste, a huntsman of the Sondina Rajah’s country, and his wife.
34. Hindoo shroff, or moneychanger, and his wife.
35. Jony Mussulman, jeweller [and wife].
36. Hindoostanee Brahmin – a very high caste. The son of my landlord and his wife.


Album (27 x 22 cm), containing 36 original watercolours of Indian castes and trades, corner slip mounted. Image size approximately 23 x 18 cm., contemporary red half morocco, light wear, joints cracking.

Provenance: Parkins & Cotto, Manufactures, 25 Oxford Street (label); D. Dickson on end paper (label).



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