MICHELI, Petri Antonii.

Catalogus Plantarum


Catalogus Plantarum
Horti Caesarei Florentini Opus Postumum.
Florentiae, Bernard Paperini, 1748.

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Beautiful example in a red morocco binding for Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany.

The first botanical garden in Florence was established by Luca Ghine in 1545, and seems to have been no more than a herb garden. In 1718 the garden was revived and Pier’ Antonio Micheli (1679 – 1737) became its first director. He died from pleurisy contracted on one of his plant-collecting expeditions, and this catalogue was published posthumously by his successor Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti, who contributed a prefatory history of the garden to the work.


First edition. 4to (34.2 x 23.7 cm) Half-title, title printed in red and black with engraved armorial vignette, folding engraved garden plan, 7 engraved plates, engraved vignettes and initials. Contemporary red morocco gilt, central arms gilt of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, within wide foliate borders gilt with foliate cornerpieces, spine gilt in 7 compartments; 1st compartment of spine neatly restored.

Provenance: Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (1708-1765), arms on binding, (Grand Duke of Tuscany).


Pritzel 6203; not in Nissen or Hunt.


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