An English creamware commemorative jug.


An English creamware commemorative jug.

Circa 1806.

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Commemorative jug issued to celebrate the great naval victory won by Admiral Lord Nelson over the allied French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar, on 21st October 1805.

Lord Nelson is regarded as Britain’s greatest naval hero; renowned as a charismatic leader and a master tactician in battle, he led the British fleet to a famous victory over the Franco-Spanish fleet, despite being heavily out-numbered; his reputation was cemented by his dramatic death towards the end of the day, as the battle was won.

The jug bears a portrait of Nelson, with his famous general order sent at the commencement of the battle placed above, with a plan of the battle site, with the two fleets coming together, the British arranged in two columns approaching the French fleet at right-angles – crossing the ‘T’ as the manoeuvre is known – which allowed the British to divide the enemy into three groups, and destroy each in detail.

The victory ended the threat of French invasion, and with that Napoleon’s attention turned eastwards; the battle also led on to the British command of the sea for more than a century.


With loop handle, printed in black with a half-length portrait of Nelson, titled above, England Expects every Man to do his Duty and ADMIRAL LORD NELSON/Born Sept 29th. 1758 – Died Oct 21st 1805./Aged 47, below, the reverse with a map and text documenting the Battle of Trafalgar. 5¾ in. high(14.6 cm.)



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