The Tabernacle in The Wilderness;


The Tabernacle in The Wilderness;
The Shadow of Heavenly Things. Four engravings, coloured and inlaid with gold, silver, and brass, according to the texts of scripture: with explanatory notes.
London, Samuel Bagster & Sons, 1842.

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The Tabernacle in The Wilderness;


Remarkable work on the Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle (called the Mishkan in Hebrew) was the portable sanctuary in which the Jews carried the Ark of the Covenant through the desert (as described in the books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers of the Hebrew Bible). This book contains detailed hand-coloured illustrations and explanations of the structure and function of the Tabernacle, with references to the scripture.

William Graeme Rhind (1794-1863) was born at Gillingham, Kent, to a Naval family, and as such was destined for the Navy. In fact his name was enrolled as a first-class volunteer at the age of seven. At twelve he entered actual service as a midshipman, witnessed the horrors of war while fighting against the Americans. He was eventually taken prisoner, together with a few other survivors from his ship, and was held in America for two years. In the winter of 1816-17 after peace had been proclaimed, he retired from active service as First Lieutenant, subsequently obtaining the rank of Commander.

Having settled at Plymouth, he found Christ, becoming a diligent student of the Holy Scriptures he enrolled at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, in 1822, where he studied for three years, subsequently buying a sailing boat, filling it with holy books and becoming a floating preacher. He would visit the boats and war ships in Plymouth Harbour, preaching in the open air as well as in naval hospital.
Besides this work, Rhind wrote The Testimony of the Times and a children’s book entitled The Six Days of Creation, all of which were issued in several editions.


Second edition. Folio, [3], ii, 2-36, [1] pp., 4 fine coloured plates, each hand-coloured and inlaid with gold, silver and brass and protected with tissue guard; contemporary dark blue cloth embossed boards with gilt title, corners and spine rubbed.



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