RIDINGER, Johann Elias.

[Sammelband of three works]: Türkischer Pferdsaufbuz [sic]; [Pferderassen]; [Die Fangarten der wilden Thiere].


[Sammelband of three works]: Türkischer Pferdsaufbuz [sic]; [Pferderassen]; [Die Fangarten der wilden Thiere].

Augsburg; n.p.; Augsburg, 1752; n.d.; 1750.

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[Sammelband of three works]: Türkischer Pferdsaufbuz [sic]; [Pferderassen]; [Die Fangarten der wilden Thiere].


The first work is a fine series of four richly caparisoned Turkish horses, based on drawings by Baron Gudenus prepared in Constantinople. As stated in the letter from Constantinople, dated 7 March 1741 and printed on the verso of the title page, the Ottoman dignitaries could be distinguished by the various kinds of luxurious cloths, jewels, and finery they applied to their stables. The officials would compete with each other for the finest equestrian adornments, often embellishing their animals with gold and silver and suchlike. Such a horse laden with ornament, led into the seraglio by a Janissary, is pictured in plate I: four ostrich feathers adorn the head (a distinction afforded only to the Sultan’s personal stable), while the chest bears a splendid rosette belt. Plate II shows a rising ‘Divani’, such as is ridden by the Grand Vizier when dressed in state, with silver chains jingling from its halter and an embroidered blanket under the saddle. Plate III shows another ‘Divani’ with different bridle and blanket; a richly tooled gilt thong is strapped across the chest. The final plate shows the cheval de main d’un Pacha besides a large kiosk, with a blanket, silver and gemstone decoration and two leopard skins.

The second work also shows richly caparisoned horses, this time from various countries, and includes Arab, Persian, Turkish, and European examples, whilst the third is the complete set of Ridinger’s very rare work on how to trap wild animals.


i. Türkischer Pferdsaufbuz (sic). Augsburg, 1752, printed title, 4 engraved plates, title lightly spotted. [Nissen (ZBI), 3412 (?incorrectly giving date as c.1741, but seemingly without title page, which is present here); Thienemann, 594-597].

ii. [Pferderassen]. no place or date, 32 engraved plates, about 5 supplied from a smaller copy [Nissen (ZBI), 3411; Thienemann, 562-593].

iii. [Die Fangarten der wilden Thiere]. Nach der Natur entworffene Vorstellungen wie alle Hoch u[nd] Niedere Wild. Augsburg: J.E. Ridinger, 1750, 30 engraved plates, including title, about 10 plates ?supplied from a smaller copy. [Nissen (ZBI), 3397; Schwerdt III, 135; Thienemann, 69-98].

3 works in one volume (Fangarten bound first), oblong folio (340 x 474mm.), contemporary calf with bookplate of William Constable (a rembotage?), occasional slight soiling, binding rubbed, rebacked and repaired



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