SALT, Henry.

Pass of Atbara in Abyssinia.


Pass of Atbara in Abyssinia.
No. XIX.
William Miller, London May 1st. 1809.

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For “Twenty-Four Views in St Helena, The Cape, India, Ceylon, The Red Sea, Abyssinia and Egypt”.

The drawings for this highly collectable work were executed when Salt accompanied Viscount Valentia (later Lord Mountnorris) on a series of diplomatic missions to the regions. The mission to Abyssinia in 1805 was the first of its kind, fearing that Napoleonic France was about to seize Egypt, the two British envoys set out to make a pact with the local Ras that would secure the control of Maggs, a port on the Red Sea.


A magnificent original hand-coloured aquatint, excellent condition with radiant colouring and full margins.



Stock ID: 59748