[Black and White Photographic Portrait of Winston Spencer Churchill].


[Black and White Photographic Portrait of Winston Spencer Churchill].


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A copy by Harrods of Steichen’s 1932 photograph of the 57 year old Winston Churchill seated. At the time of the sitting, Churchill was out of office and experiencing his ‘Wilderness Years’; by the time he signed this copy in 1941, he was the Prime Minister of a nation in the grip of World War II and extremely popular.

Born in Luxembourg, Edward Steichen (1879-1973) emigrated to Milwaukee in 1881, where he proceeded to learn lithography while working for the Milwaukee American Fine Art Company and to study painting with the Milwaukee Art Students League. In 1895 he began teaching himself photography, developing a distinctive technique with multiple negatives and mixed-media prints. Impressed by the young artist’s work, F. Holland Day included thirty-five of Steichen’s prints in his ‘New School of American Photography’ exhibition in London and Paris in 1901, their success leading to a solo exhibition at La Maison des Artistes in Paris the following year and an invitation to join the prominent proponents of fine art photography, the London-based Linked Ring Brotherhood.

On returning to New York, he formed the influential Photo-Secession group with his friend and colleague, Alfred Stieglitz, and exhibited regularly to great acclaim in the following decades. His lasting fame, however, rests on his portraits of the great and glamourous of the mid twentieth century: Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Noel Coward, and Greta Garbo, among many others. His portrait of Churchill remains among the most striking and iconic images of the war-time Prime Minister.


Vintage silverprint depicting Churchill three-quarter length, signed on mount “Winston S. Churchill 1941”, 180 by 130mm (7 by 5 inches), framed and glazed, 285 by 235mm (11¼ by 9¼ inches).



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