SOLTYKOFF, Prince Alexis.

Voyage dans L'Inde


Voyage dans L’Inde
pendant les années 1841-1842-1843, 1845-1846.
Paris, Auguste Bry, n.d. but circa 1850.

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The magnificent and very rare series of views and ceremonial processions in India, the Himalayas and Sri Lanka, which was awarded the grand gold medal of the Emperor of Russia.

The Russian traveller, writer and artist, Prince Alexis Soltykoff (1806-1859) made several journeys in India and Sri Lanka between 1841 and 1846 where he produced wonderful drawings of the people, landscapes, processions, hunting scenes and ceremonies. This edition is the best, with the fine tinted lithographed plates reproduced in large folio format, showing them at their most spectacular, and depicting views and scenes in Sri Lanka, Madras, Madurai, Travnancore, Gwalior, Lucknow, Calcutta, Delhi, Lahore (and the Punjab), Simla (and Kashmir) and the Himalayas.

The plates are titled as follows: 1. Route de Colombo a Kandy (May 1841), 2. Ballet dramatique, represente par des Malabars dans un bois a Ceylan, pres de Colombo (April 1844), 3. Offrande d’un chef Kandien a un temple de Boudha (May 1841), 4. Pretes de Boudha Cinghalis (May 4), 5. Fete de la lune a Ceylan (May 1841), 6. Ceylan (May 1841), 7. Village de Catiganawa (May 1841), 8. Procession religieuse dans les galeries du convent de Ramisseram (June 1841), 9. Procession religieuse a Madras (July 1841), 10. Condgeveram, ville sainte dans le Carnatik aux environs de Madras, 11. Interieur de convent du Condeveram (July 1841), 12. Une pagode a Madura (July 1841), 13. Elephants du Raja de Travancor (May 1841), 14. Procession de la Deesse Kali (Calcutta, October 1841), 15. Les Bords du Gange pres de Calcutta (1842), 16. Environs de Calcutta (October 1842), 17. Village Bengali des bords du Gange (November 1841), 18. Principale rue de Lucknow (January 1842), 19. Voyage en poste dans les plaines du Panjab (February 1842), 20. Une rue de Lahore (March 1842), 21. Chir Sing roi du Panjab et sa suite allant a la chasse aux environs de Lahore (March 1842), 22. Chir Sing Maharaja des Siks roi du Panjab avec sa suite (April 1842), 23. Habitation Europeenne a Simla (May 1842), 24. Danse Cachemirienne (Himalayas, August 1842), 25. Temple rustique aux environs de Simla (Himalayas), 26. Une vallee du Kanaour (Himalayas, October 1842), 27. Aux environs de Tchini Gong (Himalayas, September 1842), 28. Deota, ou temple Payen, 29. Foret de Mahasson, 30. Cortege du grand Mogol a Dehli, 31. Bords de l’Indus, a Saccar-Baccar (January 1843), 32. Chasse aux elephants dans la Foret de Karnigal (Sri Lanka, March 1845), 33. La Cour du roi de Gwalior (missing in this copy), 34. Achat d’Armes a Dehli, 35. Arbre Banian dans le Paria d’jungle, 36. Arbre Banian sur la Lisiere du Paria.


First edition. Large folio (89.5 x 60 cm), lithograph title printed in gold and tints (short tear repaired), 35 (of 36, lacking plate 33, La cour du roi de Gwalior) tinted lithographs by de Rudder, Girard and de Rudder & Girard after drawings by Soltykoff, some plates with the additional imprint of ‘Gache, éditeur’, modern half calf gilt, a good clean copy.



Stock ID: 98813