[ПУШКИН – PUSHKIN] – ВАСНЕЦОВ, Василий (художник) и В.Д. ЗАМИРАЙЛО. [VASNETSOV, Vasiliy (artist) and V.D. ZAMIRAYLO].

Песнь о Вещем Олеге: К столетию о дня рождения Пушкина 26 мая 1899 год.


Песнь о Вещем Олеге: К столетию о дня рождения Пушкина 26 мая 1899 год.
[The Song of Wise Oleg: to mark the 100th anniversary of Pushkin’s birth, 26 May 1899].
Eksp. zagotov. gos. bumag, Skt. Peterburg, [1899].

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Exceptionally fine example of one of Vasnetsov’s most famous illustrated works, published to commemorate the anniversary of Pushkin’s birth.

This very fragile work was designed and illustrated in the style of an ancient manuscript, richly embellished with ornaments and miniatures; it therefore marked a turning point in the development of illustrated children’s books. The work was reissued and presented at the International Exhibition for Book Printing and Graphics in 1914. Vasnetsov’s original approach was continued by Ivan Bilibin and the artists of Мир искусства [The World of Art].

Pushkin wrote The Song of Wise Oleg early in his career, around 1822, but it was not published until 1899. The poem tells the story a Varangian prince said to have ruled the Rus’ people during the early 10th century.


Small folio (33 x 23 cm). 6 accordion-folded leaves, with a printed page as front cover and another as rear cover, chromolithographed illustrations throughout. Protected by cardboard wrappers.


Kilgour 897; Seslavinskiy, Girlianda 189.


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