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Rare books on military and naval campaigns & endeavours, including colour plate books on costume, works featuring military plans and maps, biographies of famous campaigners, plus related architecture and engineering.

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    General regulations, and orders for the Army.

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  • MASSON, Frederic.

    Napoléon Et Les Femmes.

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  • PEPYS, Samuel.

    Memoires relating to the state of the Royal Navy of England, for ten years, determin'd December 1688.

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  • BASTON, Thomas.

    Twenty-two prints of several of the capital ships of his Majesties Royal Navy with variety of other sea pieces.

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  • JENKINS, James.

    The Naval achievements of Great Britain from the Year 1793-1817.

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  • PUYSEGUR, Le Marechal de.

    Art de la Guerre,

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  • DE SAINT SAVIN, Deprez [Pierre Samuel].

    Nouvelle ecole militaire,

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  • [HARVEY].

    Instructions for the management of Harvey's sea torpedo.

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  • PERRON, Ch[arles Eugène]

    Types Militaires de L'Armée Suisse

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  • AMBERT, Joachim.

    Esquisses historiques des differents corps qui composent l'armee francaise.

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